The Top 5 Most Popular Applicant Tracking Software

The Top 5 Most Popular Applicant Tracking Software There are a lot of companies that have started to use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software as a part of their processes. By employing ATS into their day to day lives, they are now able to manage all their hiring processes. The HR teams can now easily post on job boards and it also simplifies the entire interviewing process as well as the selection of candidates. The white paper has a list of the most popular options when it comes to Applicant Tracking Software in today’s age. The list has been comprised of five software solutions and made with keeping the total number of customers that use the software, its users and its social presence as factors.


The Bullhorn Applicant Tracking Software has received a ninety when it comes to a market score. It has over 9,000 customers and over a 135,000 users. Bullhorn has more than 200 vendors as well.


The Workable Applicant Tracking Software system has received a market score of seventy eight in total. It’s customer base is over 6,000 and the application has over a 100,000 users. Their vendor size is between 51 and 200.


The Greenhouse Applicant Tracking Software system receives a seventy two score in the market. It has more than 2,738 active customers but over a 180,000 users till date. Their vendor size is also pretty big, with more than 200 employees.

Oracle Taleo

Oracle Taleo receives a score of seventy one in the market. It’s customer base reaches to more than 5,800 and it has over 46,000 users. The software also has over 200 vendors working for it.


The SmartRecruiters Applicant Tracking Software system has received an overall score of sixty eight in the market. The application has over 4,000 customers and more than 81,000 users. This software system employs more than 200 vendors as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • More organizations are using Applicant Tracking Software to help them optimize all their HR processes across the company
  • This helps in improving the hiring process as well
  • The five most popular ATS have been rated based on their total market score, their social media presence, the number of active customers and users, as well as the total number of vendors employed

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