The True Cost of Content Chaos

The True Cost of Content Chaos

The True Cost of Content Chaos It was a lot simpler to bring content into a strategic governance framework over a decade ago. Since then, what has occurred is customer-facing content has increased in volume and become diversified in every way, in the sense, more companies are creating customer-facing content. Today, more departments in companies are becoming publishers by making and spreading content to help achieve their goals. This means there is an increase in people creating, editing, and publishing. There is also a surplus of channels for these experts to publish, which means that the content is for more than just the company. Everything is going global. This means content needs to be translated to increase the market reach. The result of this phenomenon is fragmentation and duplication of content. It also has an effect on quality and consistency, which can lead to buyer confusion. This is called content chaos.

The Cost of Content Chaos

People cannot solve this problem because it is on a huge scale. This means, businesses ended up paying the price for content chaos. Some of the effects content chaos has on companies are:
  • There are delays in getting the content to the market, reducing value and impact
  • Duplication leads to wasted effort and contradicting assets
  • Constant rise in translation costs
  • Inefficient and incomplete content creation, editing, review, and approval
  • Content ends up getting passed among many and gets lost in inboxes and silos.

So What’s the Solution?

It needs a community of pioneers to face the problem head-on and find solutions in the process at the same time. They created a new and emerging discipline known as Active Content Governance. Active Content Governance is a systematic approach that helps companies achieve their company content strategy and measure their success. It takes into consideration all the key elements of your content strategy, including company goals and priorities, along with policies. Then it turns them into actionable processes and metrics.

Key Takeaways:

  • There is a lot of customer facing content created on a daily basis by companies in each discipline
  • This content needs to reach wide markets, causing duplication, fragmentation and other problems for businesses
  • To combat this issue, pioneers have created Active Content Governance to help companies achieve their content strategy

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