Top Capabilities SMBs Should Look for in a New PM System

Top Capabilities SMBs Should Look for in a New PM System

Top Capabilities SMBs Should Look for in a New PM System

Critical Capabilities: An SMB Perspective


Software that comes with collaboration capabilities makes for a centralized workspace. This helps teams in improving communication and coordination on projects. Features will include file sharing, document storage, etc.

Demand Management

Demand management works alongside resource capacity planning. It helps managers calculate employee availability for staffing. Demand management helps leaders evaluate all existing projects and gauge for capacity to help them in investing in projects that will bring them most value.


Integration connects separate systems in the office with applications. This helps with data sharing and coordination. A lot of PM systems come with integrations already built such as accounting platforms and data storage systems.

Program Management

Program management helps in coordinating efforts across projects. When these projects are managed collectively they can lead to better results. These projects are related to each other because they have a single goal.


Reporting is crucial to project management. It is project tracking giving executives ahandle on all key metrics like ROI, cost performance index, and more. Tracking these metrics give stakeholders the chance to make more informed investment decisions based on the initiatives to take up.

User Management

User management helps businesses in creating and defining user roles such as allowing permissions in task assignment, creation and editing of projects, and distinguishing and allocating access for reports.

Key Takeaways:

  • Small and medium sized businesses need to check their business needs carefully and evaluate them before they start their search for new software for their business
  • When business needs are not clearly defined and they do not know what they want to achieve, or what problem they are trying to solve, what happens is they get sold on a system easily that may not necessarily be the best for their needs and their company
  • Companies have to be careful when they evaluate all business needs because it will play a big role and act as a guiding factor when they want to select a solution that come with capabilities which support and drive business goals instead of hindering them

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