Visibility: Keeping Leadership Happy with IT Service and Support

Read the latest whitepaper on Whitepapers Online titled

Read the latest whitepaper on Whitepapers Online titled "Visibility: Keeping Leadership Happy with IT Service and Support"

IT executives that provide visibility to their leaders and managers open up a completely new and different world for IT service and support. Nowadays, new employees are expected to measure every aspect of their team members’ work and share insights with the middle and higher management levels. In order for the IT support and service team leaders to be successful, they need to increase awareness about what exactly they should and how they should do it.

From sharing service history details to the location of an IT asset, leadership can gain control and awareness through visibility. It aids in delivering meaningful and essential insights to the leadership. This further helps in clearing misconceptions about the team operating in a reactive instead of a proactive way. This whitepaper titled, “Visibility: Keeping Leadership Happy with IT Services and Support,” provides information about the different ways employees can increase visibility for the leadership team.

How to Win Your Leadership Team Over

Until recently, IT organizations mostly relied upon the traditional method of track-and-trend reporting. It consisted of cumbersome graphs and spreadsheets that tried to detail the value and service provided by the IT department. The reports were found to be lacking in the right kind of visibility needed by an organization. The honed visibility highlights the crucial benefits that help company management understand gaps in performance and their root causes. This aids the ability to address issues in a proactive manner and transform perceptions about the team to “value centre” from “core centre.”

Some ways to win over the leadership team through visibility are:

1. IT Service Desk

Besides tracking ticketing, an IT manager’s work also comprises understanding and evaluating team performance. The success or downfall of an IT organization is dependent on the workload of its technicians. By offering visibility to the leadership in terms of device allocation and distribution, IT leaders can better understand the functioning of the IT team. Also, key metrics such as first touch resolution can help in the escalation of tasks.

2. Performance Improvement

Thanks to visibility, IT support and services don’t have to make assumptions about their recommendations and decisions. They can smartly evaluate performance and report whether an action is working or not. Since IT leaders now have visibility, they can set a plan of action into motion, control costs, implement changes and provide new opportunities for executives.

3. Customer Satisfaction

Most of the time, reports from angry and loud customers about ticket submissions reach the ears of the leadership. Visibility will help customers share their problems by filling out a customer survey. Although the team might have to face some rough criticism, they can use the feedback and insights to address pressing issues. Moreover, the customers feel involved as they provided valuable inputs that will help improve future processes.

IT Plus Visibility Equals Leadership’s Favourite Team

IT service and support are blessed with the golden opportunity to monitor and report on their performance, thanks to metrics. As they showcase the value of continuous improvement, they can highlight the benefits of visibility to gain clarity into the functioning of the organization.

Key Takeaways from “Visibility: Keeping Leadership Happy with IT Services and Support”

  • How executives can win over the company leadership
  • How visibility can improve performance in the organization
  • How customer satisfaction can increase visibility

Download this whitepaper to understand more about how visibility can help keep company leadership pleased with IT service and support.