What you need to know about headless CMSs

Download the latest whitepaper to find out everything you need to know about headless CMSs

Download the latest whitepaper to find out everything you need to know about headless CMSs A lot is being said about the headless CMS and comparisons are rife between non-headless and headless CMS's. However even the most content-obsessed marketers also might not be aware of the CMS architecture due to the rarity of this topic. Still, one cannot simply ignore the importance of this decision. That is where this report steps in to provide useful insights and tells you everything you need to know about headless CMS including SiteCore's hybrid approach.

What is a Headless CMS?

A headless CMS is a content management system that allows you to store, edit and manage content. Yet, it doesn't render the content on your visitor's screen. To put it in simple words, a headless CMS disintegrates the creation, delivery, and management of content from its presentation on the web page, app, or device. Another thing about Headless CMS is that it plays no role in website design, page themes or templates. On the other hand, non-headless CMSs are important for content creation, management, publishing, delivery, and rendering.

Comparison between Headless and Non-Headless CMS

The similarities between headless and non-headless CMS are that both include content management and content delivery. Yet, the key difference is the content presentation between the two. While using headless CMS over non-headless it is the responsibility of the developers to develop a smooth and efficient experience for the end user. This responsibility falls on the developer because of the way a screen or presentation is built needs to be described and managed in the code. From everything that has been mentioned so far, you may feel like non-headless CMS is the way to go, however, the many benefits associated with headless CMS have been stated in this whitepaper. These advantages may help you decide whether you need headless CMS or not.

Why is Headless CMS Becoming Such a Big Deal?

Previously, everything was manageable since everything was nicely coupled. However, following the digital revolution, many devices no longer made use of HTML. Thus, began the downfall of coupled (non-headless) CMS. This is where the headless CMS came into the picture. Agnostic content could be easily stored and retrieved from the headless CMS. Headless CMS became a perfect solution for an era in which devices are powerful enough to cope with rendering locally. This white paper stresses the importance of headless CMS and why it became such a big deal in today's digital era.

Key Takeaways from What You Need to Know About Headless CMSs Whitepaper:

  • The increase in demand on companies to deliver i=omnichannel content with the rise of IoT
  • What makes the headless CMSs a hot topic?
  • What are the benefits of headless vs. coupled approaches
  • What are the benefits of a hybrid headless option?
  • How to use the new headless architecture without disconnecting from the marketer and customer experience?
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