Why (and How) to Switch to a New HR and Payroll Platform

Why (and How) to Switch to a New HR and Payroll Platform

Why (and How) to Switch to a New HR and Payroll Platform

The Consequences of Not Switching

If companies do not have the right HR and payroll platform suited for their needs, it can impact the management, development and engagement of the employees and the strategic decision making process. Working with the wrong provider can tank what would otherwise be a healthy business.

The Three Most Important Things to Look for in an HR and Payroll Provider

More than the technology, the HR and payroll service provider needs to come with the expertise to use the technology effectively. The technology solution implemented needs to address and solve the problems that the HR teams face when it comes to handling payroll complexities with taxes, timekeeping options and means to track employee benefits as well. The HR and payroll system needs to come with compliance built into it to simplify the entire process. It should keep in mind compliance with various labor laws, tax departments, and more. The technology should ideally be able to reduce the risk of an external audit in the company as well. The provider should have a distinct point of view when it comes to the design of the product. The software should have an interface that is easy to understand and use so that the HR team and employees do not have any difficulty adopting the new system.

Look Beyond Features and Functions in Your HR and Payroll System

Before you select your options for your payroll system, check third party sites for authentic reviews to understand how the application works. This can be more beneficial than actually going to the provider’s website and checking the features and specifications of the software. Check the service provider’s case studies before making the selection to see how exactly they are solving HR and payroll problems for their existing clients. This will give you valuable insights into seeing if the option is the one suited for your company. When you meet the seller, ask a lot of questions, interrogate them into giving you all the specifics that come with the application and gauge their response to see how helpful they will be after you select their services.

Key Takeaways:

  • Selecting a new HR and Payroll system can impact your entire business
  • HR system providers need to be credible, have good user reviews and have a user-friendly interface
  • The service provider should be readily available for services after installation as well

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