Why the Time for Active Content Governance is Now

Why the Time for Active Content Governance is Now

Why the Time for Active Content Governance is Now Active Content Governance has in the process of development for more than a decade. There has been a rise in Active Content Governance because:
  • Companies have an increased value of their content
  • The scale of content chaos has triggered a lot of issues across customer-facing companies
  • Data-driven approaches such as establishing KPIs and applying analytics always win and content is no exception to this rule
  • We have innovations such as AI, automation and software platforms that help in making scalable, automated content governance possible

Steps to Create Active Content Governance for Your Company

Step 1: Capture and digitize your content strategy

To make operationalization of a content strategy easier for companies, the first step to take is to create a defined and deployable content strategy. This includes setting goals, policies, processes, and metrics. After which you make the strategy available to all created content for editing reviewing and tracking. Active Content Governance platforms assist with this process by capturing content strategy and then creating APIs to it. This way all other software, processes, and systems get the required access.

Step 2: Establish where you are today

After the strategy is made, companies need to track the progress by comparing the company strategy to reality. This is done by utilizing the metrics and targets that were created in the first stage, and then use them to identify the gaps.

Step 3: Deploy your governance and guidance framework

Governance is more than tracking the effectiveness of content, it includes improving it as well. Active Content Governance helps content writers and editors improve. Here is how:
  • Active content governance helps in the beginning while the creation process is going on by guiding writers and alerting them and assisting with SEO
  • It helps in any tool that the writer prefers including Word, Google Docs, WordPress, and more. It helps with reviewing work and spotting errors by using AI to improve content effectiveness
  • Active content governance uses transparent metrics to display how close the writers are to the content strategy to help them stay as close as possible in the process

Step 4: Measure, report, and improve

The metrics that help guide the writers also inform the governance analytics dashboard to get monitored, and tracked over time. Then you can compare the overall performance to chosen metrics and goals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Active content governance helps in deploying content strategies across the company
  • It monitors the writer's process and guides them during the creation, editing and reviewing process
  • Then it tracks the progress and analyses ways in which the existing content strategy can be improved

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