You Don’t Need to Hire a Unicorn

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Read the whitepaper titled, "You Don't Need to Hire a Unicorn" It is the job of every hiring manager and recruiter to hire the best candidate. After considering the requirements of the team, they begin the search for a mystical unicorn. In this context, a unicorn is a well-rounded employee who possesses much more than the requisite skills required for the position and goes above and beyond at work. In short, he/she is a master of all trades. This a person who can write code, design spectacular layouts and is the best employee any company could ever ask for. However, they don't exist. As hiring managers continue to search high and low for their "perfect" candidate, they miss out on hiring fantastic future employees due to a perceived skills gap. Hence, it is essential to understand that great employees are not found but made. Read the following whitepaper to understand the importance of providing the right candidates the skills they require to succeed.

Finding the Right Candidate

That having unrealistic expectations can lead to disappointment is no surprise. A long list of qualifications can scare off perfectly capable candidates and frustrate hiring managers due to the lack of applicants for the job. More than the job description, it is important to find someone who is a great cultural fit and has the potential to acquire the requisite skills under proper training.

Hire for Culture

Culture isn't something that can be taught easily and can prove costly if the new hire doesn't fit in, it could prove a costly affair for the company. The easiest way to gauge a culture fit is to hire people you would want to work with. Seek out prospective employees that believe in your vision and values and will aid in business expansion.

Hire for Potential

A way to identify a candidate's potential is to ask them to describe a scenario in their career when they were faced with a challenge they didn't have the answer to and how they addressed it. People with a growth mindset display their ability to take initiative and put in hard work to succeed. The first thing to look for would be the right kind of motivation and a fierce commitment to excel in the pursuit of company goals.

Hire for Flexibility

As technological advancements continue, its necessary to hire employees who are willing to adapt to them and change the way they work. If they're flexible they can be trained on the tech skills required on the job if they don't already possess them.

Choosing the Skills to Train

After hiring an employee with great potential and who is a cultural fit, it is time to identify their skill gaps and how to fill them. Simply nail down what you want your new hire to do once they walk through the door and give them the opportunity to do so. Another option is to hire from within; this saves money and time.

Building a Culture of Learning

Currently, the skill gap is real and it is affecting businesses around the world. Companies need to show employees that they care about their professional development. They can do so by making continuous learning a priority. A few ways of doing so would be to offer training opportunities online, sending employees for conferences or reimbursing them if they go back to school.

Key Takeaways from the Whitepaper "You Don't Need to Hire a Unicorn:

  • Find a candidate who has the potential, is flexible and is a cultural fit for your organization
  • Identify the skills gap in new employees and train them
  • Build a culture of learning in your organization
  • Show your employees that you genuinely care about their professional development
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