Meeting Customer Expectations and Compliance Standards

Meeting Customer Expectations and Compliance Standards

Meeting Customer Expectations and Compliance Standards

Building the Intelligent Environment

The most important thing for financial leaders is the smart building’s evolution. These leaders are focused on reducing operating costs as well as meeting their company's sustainability objectives, along with optimizing their space within the real estate portfolio they have and improving the customer experience within each individual branch. With the evolution of technology, there is a positive impact on each category of focus they have to take up smart building initiatives among the existing global real estate leaders. This technology is made with highly advanced digital sensors. These sensors provide continuous information to the company in real-time, and it includes all the existing aspects of all overall operations and the decision making that goes into making smart buildings. They work in an advanced network which helps them expand their opportunities in energy saving, meeting their sustainability goals and optimizing their space planning and all asset monitoring.

Existing Conditions

People in the banking industry are strongly committed to following sustainable practices. Efficiency in operations is growing in importance as well. Retail banks need to highlight their savings and the returns they get from LED lighting and controls, along with their benefits. The square footage of the building and the average energy cost by location, along with the costs go in finalizing the investment, the benefits and the ROI.

Energy Savings and Sustainability

The banking industry needs to pertain to all the existing environmental improvements that exist in the modern retail branch. Today, the sensor technology advancements let the branches collect even more comprehensive, real-time data.

The Experience

Data collection has two gateways, which are energy and asset management. This has an impact on both operational efficiency and the customer experience. Information security is extremely important today, and steps need to be taken to make sure the existing intelligent environment solution is secure. All the edge devices need to get reviewed by the security teams. This is done by conducting timely cloud security assessments and do vulnerability tests as well as implement product cybersecurity.

Smarter Bank Branches Enable Smarter Business Decisions

The physical location of the bank is not as important as it used to be for customers, which means branches need to be smaller. When branches install an open system with an expansive network of partners, they will become able to add tools that will improve their process of achieving their business goals and optimize operations.

Key Takeaways:

  • The banking industry is shifting to smart buildings
  • By making the branches smarter, they can now optimize their processes for the future as well
  • Implementing cybersecurity measures will help banks maintain their businesses and eliminate risks

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