Informational IT White Papers for Download

The Digital Imperative

Research indicates that India's businesses are boldly moving forward into the future, with development and exponential digitization as their top priorities, not...

25 Jul 2022
Building Media Networks for Next Gen TV

ATSC 3.0 allows terrestrial broadcasters to use their spectrum in innovative ways. In contrast to previous efforts to enhance ATSC 1.0, Next Gen TV (ATSC 3.0) e...

25 Jul 2022
GNSS/GPS Independent 5G Synchronization

Time synchronization, providing correct time and phase synchronization to the cell tower, is the new pulse of the 5G mobile network and a crucial feature for al...

25 Jul 2022
Wide Area Networks for ST 2110 Workflows

SMPTE ST 2110 supports both uncompressed and compressed video, allowing it to be utilized in live production processes for the material of both high and low val...

25 Jul 2022
Cloud Ingest of Live Video

Over the last decade, suppliers of public cloud infrastructure\shave positioned themselves as a generalist compute platform for a huge range of applications, wi...

25 Jul 2022
Remote production 2.0

Broadcasters are tasked with generating more live news with tight resources and moving to at-home/REMI (remote-integration\model) production. Remote manufacturi...

25 Jul 2022
Hybrid Work: A Guide for Business Leaders

After more than a year of the epidemic, digital adoption curves are increasing, not decelerating. And this is just the start. We are at a turning point as signi...

23 Jul 2022
The Next Great Disruption Is Hybrid Work

The year 2020 irrevocably altered the nature of labor, affecting every individual and organization on the planet. Now that mass vaccination is on the horizon, w...

20 Jul 2022
A fast track to business continuity

Companies are evaluating hybrid cloud environments as a future infrastructure option, but they must evaluate the distinctions between on-premises and cloud stor...

18 Jul 2022
Tips For Evaluating Solid-State Arrays

As competition in the market for all-flash storage heats up, purchasers have an array of smart options from which to pick. Increasingly sophisticated features a...

16 Jul 2022

What are White Papers?

A white paper is a term used to refer to a report or a guide. It generally explains a complex issue or topic in an organized and concise way. IT white papers are meant to be educational for the reader. IT white papers will also include information about the opinion/philosophy of the entity that has written the paper.

The term originates from the British government but has taken on new meaning in the modern context. Today, B2B whitepapers are a type of marketing tool. They allow companies to explain new developments and product features to audiences that may or may not have industry knowledge. IT white papers may also be used by businesses to present research they have conducted and establish themselves as thought leaders in the space.

Technology and IT White Papers

A white paper in technology and IT will focus on topics that are relevant to the industry. As the categorization is very broad there are several topics that may be covered by IT whitepapers. Some examples of these topics include:

Data & IT Security white papers:

Data is considered to be the new oil. Organizations have recognized the importance of data and the role it plays in effective marketing. On the other hand, consumers are becoming more aware of how data is collected and utilized. Concerns related to privacy and the security of data are increasing around the world. As governments introduce new legislation and compliance requirements, organizations need to adapt their infrastructure. This has led to rapid development in the field of data security and need for IT security white papers. Companies that work in their field will distribute IT security white papers to help organizations understand what changes need to be made and how they can prepare for them.

Virtualization IT White Papers:

The process of creating IT services that are not bound to hardware is known as virtualization. Virtualization allows organizations to make better use of their resources. With remote working becoming more common, businesses need to find ways to make the work from home experience safe, secure and reliable. Virtualization can play a significant role in this regard, particularly when combined with cloud technologies. Businesses will create whitepapers to help organizations understand how their service can be used to improve remote working and how organizations can improve their infrastructure without spending large sums of money.

Cloud Technology & IT White Papers:

Cloud technologies and cloud services have become more common over the past five years. The pandemic has forced many organizations to take the cloud journey regardless of their opinion of it. As the field is fairly new, companies that provide cloud services will use IT white papers to educate their audience about their services.

Above are some examples of IT white papers, including technology white papers and IT security white papers, that you should consider reading. The library of content can be used by readers to gain more knowledge and learn about topics that are of interest. Businesses can share information that needs to be communicated to readers that are looking to gain a better understanding of available resources and services to solve the complex challenges that organizations face.