The Social Messaging Landscape in 2019 and Beyond

Read the latest IT whitepaper on Whitepapers Online titled,

Read the latest IT whitepaper on Whitepapers Online titled, "The Social Messaging Landscape in 2019 and Beyond"Customer Experience in the Era of Automation & Messaging

Last year Conversocial conducted a similar survey, publishing its results in their “The State of Digital Care 2018.” So why is their new report titled “The State of Digital Customer Experience”? 2018 was clearly a digital revolution with messaging bursting on to the scene of customer service, becoming the preferred channel of service for many consumers. AI and bots evolved and become useful. Customers also evolved to embrace private service channels and private service over publicly bashing brands and venting on social media.

What does this Mean?

All the above developments are primarily powered by customer preferences and platform providers alike. They resulted in the digital transformation of customer engagement which meant creating more focus on messaging channels and shifting away from ‘care’ only. This would encompass the holistic customer experience such as marketing, sales, and customer care. Despite all these changes the fundamentals of great customer service are still centered around effortless, convenient, effortless as well as in-channel resolution.

Expectations: 2018 vs 2019

By comparing 2018’s State of Digital Care results with those of 2019’s, it has become very clear that customer preferences have changed dramatically. Most consumers said that they would be more likely to be a repeat consumer of a brand if it responded to queries on digital channels. This is because, in 2019, consumers are 18% more likely to reach out with service inquiries on a digital channel than they were in 2018. Moreover, customers increasingly less concerned about whether a human is involved in their digital interaction as long as they get a solution to their problem.

Key Findings: 6 Customer Experience Truths for 2019

With many new discoveries last year, 2019 is poised to a revolutionary one. Conversocial's research highlights the new trends in favour of digital care along with the following revelations:
  • We live in a digital world with higher expectations
  • Having messaging support is the new norm
  • Customers don't have time for false promises
  • AI will keep continuing to gather momentum
  • Customers tend to prefer private resolution

Key Recommendations

It's clear from this survey that customer expectations are on a constant rise. Armed with this knowledge, what companies prioritize their focus on in 2019 to stay ahead of their customer's expectations?
  • Using messaging services to make customer service effortless
  • Supporting agents with the use of bots
  • Promoting messaging channels
  • Upskilling agents for commerce

Key Takeaways from "The Social Messaging Landscape in 2019 and Beyond":

  • Six customer experience truths for 2019
  • AI reality and the growth of machine learning
  • The rise of messaging: enabling the collaboration of humans and bots
  • Customer service and voice assistants
  • Customer investment
  • Replacement of tier-1 agents by bots
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