Business Benefits & Cost Savings Enabled By HPE GreenLake

Published on 17 Mar 2022

As digital transformations gain momentum businesses in all industries are recognizing that their business models are changing. We are living in an on-demand economy where customers expect results fast, IT teams need to be nimble and flexible in order to support businesses effectively and deliver success. Research conducted by Forrester shows that organizations no longer believe that moving to the cloud is optional, it has become inevitable. 

However, depending on workloads, applications and industry cloud strategies will be vastly different. Security and regulatory requirements may require businesses to have on-premise IT solutions in order to ensure compliance. Capital investments that have already been made, requirements for performance, the amount of control and organization requires will also have any impact on the right cloud mix. This is where HPE Greenlake can be particularly useful. It allows organizations to run their infrastructure on-premises and also take advantage of the public cloud.

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What is HPE GreenLake?

HPR GreenLake is an IT infrastructure service provider. It provides a scalable service that is based on a consumption model. Thus IT teams and organizations can easily scale their infrastructure to meet any changes in demand or market conditions. HPE GreenLake also provides businesses with personalized support. This helps augment the capabilities of a business's existing IT team. Internal resources can focus on innovations and tasks are adding more value. The flexibility of HPE GreenLake's hybrid IT models gives businesses the agility they need to grow quickly without the burden of finding and acquiring new infrastructure.  

In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of their service, HPR commission Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study. The study examines the ROI organizations can get by making effective use of HPE GreenLake The objective of the study is to provide businesses with a framework they can use to understand the potential financial impact of using HPE GreenLake in their organization.

How Forrester conducted the total economic impact study

To conduct the TEI study, Forrester interviewed several organizations from various locations and a variety of industries over a period of two years. All of these organizations had multiple data centers. They had significant physical as well as virtual infrastructure. These organizations also had different hardware solutions for data storage, some made use of spinning disks while others utilize all-flash arrays. The TEI methodology makes it possible for businesses to highlight and justify the value of investing in new IT solutions.

The key finding of the benefits of HPE Greenlake

  1. 75% reduction in time-to-market when deploying global IT projects: Interviewed organizations noted that they saw a significant reduction in the amount of time take to go to market for global IT projects after investing in HPE GreenLake
  2. 40% reduction in historic TCO: When companies with GreenLake fees, customers noticed that their TCO was significantly reduced. This is because Greengate helped businesses avoid overprovisioning and eliminated the need to spend a lot of money to refresh their technology
  3. 60% reduction in cost on average for professional services/contractors: Replacing legacy infrastructure reduced the need for frequent maintenance and professional services
  4. 40% improvement in productivity of IT resources: As HPE GreenLake supports customers with the management of their on-premise and data center infrastructure, internal IT resources are able to take on tasks of more strategic importance and thus improve productivity 

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